Strongly they fought
To protect their motherland, they created a fort
Just to earn their lives
They sharpened their knives
Ready to skin the whites
Who had raped their rights
Freedom they demanded
A foliage of their dreams
And freedom they owned
For power they thirst
To rule their unsatisfactory lusts
Lusts that later turned to greed
Greed that took away their foliage
And rendered them into bondage
Of their own brothers
Their dreams they killed
And lost their foliage of dreams
By spilling their own blood
A black domesticating another black
Out of superiority
Superiority brought by powers
Powers brawled for by many
But later owned by a few
Forever the black man is fighting
Fighting for that gem
Precious than all the gems
Freedom from our own slavery
Slaves of our cruel culture
Slaves of tribalism
Slaves of our own minds
Freedom is what we need
A foliage of our lost dreams


Published by simsamsarts

I believe in simplicity,

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