She stayed still
Closing her eyes to the danger still
Giving life to her fruit,in the presence of a prey to kill
She should have given a fight but she didn’t feel
The danger as much as the pain she feel
Did she give a deaf ear to the still
Waters?,that even in the silence the river spoke
It shouted
It rambled
In silence,the river warned
Didn’t she sense the weirdo situation?
Maybe she fell for the false tranquility Created by the devil ready to devour
Maybe,she concentrated on the fruit,
Nine months of tire
And now the time had come
To see what she had longed for
Her precious fruit
As she celebrated her safe delivery
The serpent celebrated a lucky hunt
A mother and her fruit
With a single swipe he swapped them all
She should have given a fight,but she didn’t


Published by simsamsarts

I believe in simplicity,

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