The Devil’s Dynasty

The devil’s dynasty*
The goddess of justice
must be deaf
Not to hear the cry of the innocent
As his sweat is wiped away
By the sadists in power
She must be deaf
To the screams
From the blood of lambs
Devoured by the wild world animals In quest for power

The goddess of justice
must be blind
Blind enough not to see
The rich, snatching from the beggar
And giving it back to the church
As a cleansing sacrifice
For their dirty ways
She must be blind
Blind to the unjust in courts
As the guilt go scot-free
And the innocent pay the price of
crimes they didn’t commit
The goddess of unjust
Must have been ordained
Over the queen of justice
In our absence
For we live in a world
Where fair and just
Became extinct
Red and purple must be
Included in prints
For black and white
No longer appeals the eyes
of the readers
Shedding blood the new normal
An old fashioned vocab
Racism on the trend
The goddess of justice
must be dumb
For the voices of unjust
Echo each other
As in the devil’s dynasty

Published by simsamsarts

I believe in simplicity,

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