BEYOND FANTASY The handsOf a craftsmanOf his skills Of tendering jewelryFor her heart to tender Her dreamHer imaginationBeyond the world of fantasyIn the care of a carpenterFixing her hot bodyWith his toeTouching her every Deep waters She wanted a hand, thatCould deep it’s fingersAnd triggerHer watersTo irrigate her dry flowerFor the season was rightFor blossomingContinue reading “BEYOND FANTASY”


IamThe tree by the many watersWith leaves that never fallI survive even in summerBlossoming in every season IamThe ink Of the pen that never runs dryI mark beautiful impressions On every paperthe pen That writes life IamThe author of many destiniesDestinies I changeI foretell the futureOf even the darkest past Iam The light That neverContinue reading “THE VOICE OF BROKEN SOULS”


Strongly they foughtTo protect their motherland, they created a fortJust to earn their lives They sharpened their knivesReady to skin the whitesWho had raped their rights Freedom they demandedA foliage of their dreamsAnd freedom they ownedFor power they thirstTo rule their unsatisfactory lusts Lusts that later turned to greedGreed that took away their foliageAnd renderedContinue reading “*FOLIAGE OF DREAMS*”


_BY simsamsarts_ In her they had a godTheir symbol of goodA light to their gloomWho rained darkness at noonThe god of life during deathBut still demanded for death during lifeA living sacrificeFresh bloodAn untouched heiressA virginAt her age of blossomingWas all she wanted for a sacrificeBlinded by their vehemence of selenophileThey stopped the flow ofContinue reading “*VEHEMENCE OF SELENOPHILE*”

The beauty of a roseFascinates even the crowsOn the sepals they land with clawsLeaving the petals with flawsIt’s juices they imbibe with forceThe fragrance soon stinksThe stem splinter and the rose withersWorthless it becomesTo the bin it’s thrownAnd nobody cares ,to see it’s beauty no more Instagram simsamsarts36

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