In it I have a best friend
A partner to the end
In it I have a family
Forever together happily
It knows all my secrets
My hope when am desperate
It wipes my tears dry
And gives me a hand to try
The pillow,knows the count of my tear drop
For it gives me a shoulder to cry on when I drop
I punch it to cool my temper
But it never complains
The pillow knows when am down
Always there at night when I lament
Of a day gone south
Overhears my failures and weaknesses
But still keeps it a secret
Has promised to stay
And walk with me through it all
I will be there for it
And that’s true friendship

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The thirst for knowledge
To be a prof. at some age
Was the spirit that pushed me to the edge
I wanted to earn some wage
And pull my mom from the poverty edge
The quest for cabbage
Untie my race from the chains of burgage
Out of the garbage
The dream of leaving the old cottage
To a maisonette
Made me a bookworm
Thinking I was too thick in the head
I ticked a heap of books on my back,a luggage,
That has caused me back pains
All my hopes in one basket
The white collar jobs,
a slave of the office
The slave now I am
Enslaved by the crooked believes
Living in regrets,
On the streets ever
With useless papers
Papers I worked so hard to get
My hope,that has now rendered me hopeless
If only they told me the truth
I would have focused on my talent
The power of the pen
My only friend
My voice when I can’t speak
My food when my pot is dry
The power of the pen
The water that completely quenches all my thirsts
But if wishes were horses…..




They stayed still
In silence
They planned with will
The voiceless had been oppressed in silence
They could fight still
But chose quietude over violence
Then like sheep they brawl
Fighting the kings of confidence
Who thought they had it in control
Throughout the silence
But in silence the tables were turned
The voiceless could now speak
A voice they earned in silence
A silence that could now be felt
The sound of silence
That has a great hit like no other sound


Understanding it is for the few
Who feel it, tenders it to blossom to a perfect view
Like the blossoming of a rose
To many it’s a mystery
It needs affection mastery
It is the glue that bonds two people together
With no one to put them asunder
A seed planted so deep
That grows only under the showers of blood
Dancing to the rythme of its perfect soils
It is the seed planted in the heart
That only grows by the touch of the perfect hand
Until then is when you understand it
It’s the seed that needs tender care
A seed that grows forever
Blossoms even in summer
To wither it never
It’s the mysterious seed

He took me to the moon
Above the clouds we went past noon
The feeling was beyond a dream
As we swam in love a stream
A stream that quenched all my desires
And rekindled the love fires
That kept me burning, as hot as hell
I wish I took photos to tell
But in my mind the scenes forever remain
Of the trip to the moon


Memories are worth remembering
Others life threatening
I soaked my pillow wet, crying
That insomniac evening
Memories of our past in my mind ringing
A past that was worth living
We went swimming
that black night, our best song we were singing
As we approached the river of darkness
We saw nothing but brightness
Our faces were shining, we were so careless
Not to here the song of death
That the river sang to warn us
Quietly it flowed, calmness that spoke alot
The god’s were thirsty
Fresh blood they craved
Blood of a young lamb, blameless
And your were their best choice
I watched as the river swallowed you
But I did nothing, for you were the god’s best choice
And now I wish
I wish they took us both
For I cannot live without you
But don’t worry am coming
Am going to swim in the same river
And plead with the gods to take me
So we can be together once more
Or rather let these memories kill me
Memories of doom

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Relationship is slavery
Takes away your freedom
Always have to be there for them
Even when you need yourself

A Relationship is a bed of thorns
That pricks you every time you try to sleep
Covered with roses to deceive
But later makes you grieve
For every thing you receive
demands for another in return

Relationships are too expensive
Maybe good but hard too maintain
They demand even your life
A death of the soul
You give away your heart and soul
And later told to lick the sole
With your heart broken into pieces

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Will you be my valentine?
Will you be the one holding my hand all along ?
Will you stand by me and be my rose in this valentine?
Will you be the one singing the valentine tune to me?

Will you smile as you say am all yours ?
Will you be sunshine when my night turns dark ?
Will you hold my hand down the aisle as you say am all yours ?
Will you hold me tight and be my valentine ,

Will you tell me how much you love me ,
Will you always make my valentine beautiful,
Will always let the valentine never die between us ?
Will you be my Amore my one and only,
Will you be my valentine?

Because you are all that I need ,
Because is the gift I need ,
Will you be my valentine?

Please babe say yes

Very flat I know


by Reighkyleclare

Don’t fall in love with her, they warned
She is a poetess
Don’t trust her words, they scorned
Its deception, she is a poetess

She is a liar in disguise
Of an an innocent, young heart
Read between the lines
And spy the devilry of her art

She writes the most charming verses
But beware of their purpose
To entice, to allure her suspecting prey
Into assisting her to live her romantic cliche
Heed our warning, don’t fall for what she says
For she will end up breaking her promise

Maybe its true what they say
For i spend most my days
Daydreaming about a love so true

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