The potter who moulded
The most expensive pot
Those that serve soup so hot
In the banquets of queens in their fort
The elements of beauty in the kings court
Is now broken
And needs a hand
To be sculptured back to shape
But no one cares to see
That his hand made them

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If I were to name you by my favorite colors
You would be my red
The colour of the roses
The queen of beauty
Your fragrance is my breath
The color of a heart
For your place is in my heart
The color of love
You are my read ,my love

Or name you white
My peace at night
Even when the situation is tight
You remind me of peace in twilight
You are my white,my peace

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Let me kiss you deep inside
Your soul to touch
With my saliva
And quench your thirst for love
Let me inside
For the broken pieces of your heart to repair
And paint it pure white
Let me irrigate your thirsty roots
Craving for the life giving water
Like the roses you will blossom
And enlighten the world
With your angelic smile
Let me be yours

NECKLACE AND MONKEYby Reighkyleclare

Necklace is not for a monkey
Doesn’t know what beautifulness is!
Want to dance all day over your head
Climbing the tree, up-down and odd-look

I see someone’s pain hurts in the heart
But may be no eyes, you have,
How painful my soul is!

I realize, what’s beautifulness
And neckless
I realize monkey’s tree, jumping on painful heart
How change feelings hurts
For own self and another person
I realize a selfish, can’t see anyone’s heart

But I see everyone’s pain, beautifulness and necklace


So deep it was kept under
To keep safe it’s worth, lavender
I fell for it as I removed it under
It’s value spread faster than lightning and spoke louder than thunder
Everyone wanted it,but no one could drive us asunder
My mind was left to ponder
At it’s value to wonder
Was it a diamond?
Deep down I wondered
I was moved by it’s sparkle,a sparkle tempting bright
But its worth exceeded the diamond
Could it be an emerald?
But not even love distracted it

So dark it was
That I had mistaken it for the opal
So dark and mysterious
Buts it’s purity, affection and protection
Made me think it was a ruby, the queen of affection
But still ,it was much more than a ruby

It is the sapphire
For peace it brought
The goddess of focus and determination
A queen of power and healing it is
It strucks every man’s attention
And friends easily make
It was a sapphire
My sapphire

PRAY FOR ME by ~mokuaValentine

When you kneel down to pray
When you pour out your heart
When you make known your cares to God
Please pray for me

Sometimes I’m broken inside
I smile while my heart cries inside
Sometimes I want to give up
I get weary and weak
Please pray for me

This writing makes it tricky
Taking me down getting more messy
The pen is weak ain’t steady
Please pray for me

The wires in my head have a jam
Hoovering and wondering can’t calm
Driving me crazy like a cum
Please pray for me



If only i heal one broken heart
And comfort the hurt
If only i doused one burning hut
And save the old man in the hat
If only i could give milk to one dying cat
To save it from a brush with its fate
If only i touched one desperate soul
Then i would smile to my grave

I want to be the moon
And illuminate their darkest days
Maybe be the sun
To put a smile on their faces each forenoon
If only i touched one desperate soul
Then i would smile to my grave

If only i expunge the tears of the orphan
Or be his shoulder to lean on
Oh, how i want to help each beggar from the streets
And give him a place to call a home
I want to show them kindness
Make the world a haven of fairness
If only i touched one desperate soul
Then i would walk myself to my grave


I wish i could tell you i love you
I wish you knew how much i miss you
How i wish you knew how i want you
Closer to my heart i need you
If only i had the courage to open up
And let you know
that for you my heart beats
I would tell you how i have fallen
But i fear to confirm my fears
I know if i did my heart would break
So i swallow the words and shed a tear
wishing that my pain would be swaped away
by the tear
But the pain forever remains
knowing that you love someone else instead
Makes me choose to let you go
And my feelings to hold
Forever i will not let it show
I choose to live with a heartbreak
And because i want you to be happy
I will live with the heartbreak

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