The tree by the many waters
With leaves that never fall
I survive even in summer
Blossoming in every season

The ink
Of the pen that never runs dry
I mark beautiful impressions
On every paper
the pen
That writes life

The author of many destinies
Destinies I change
I foretell the future
Of even the darkest past

The light
That never grows dim
A hope to the lost
I illuminate even the darkest
Brighter than the jellyfish

The friend that sticks
Harder than the tick
I understand your pain
But keep it to myself
Remains closer even in doom

I,,the voice of the voiceless
I shout the loudest in silence
I express the deepest emotions
I keep many secrets
But disclose some
I am the storyteller
With mastery of all
The fables
I am the pen that never runs dry
I am poetry
The voice of broken souls

Published by simsamsarts

I believe in simplicity,

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